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Ages 5 to 19

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Publication Material Costs

About Our Publications

Answers to Common Questions:

1. Do the Cherry Hill custom packs contain all notes, questions and answers for my child’s Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Maths and English exam boards, for all topics exactly as per the syllabus (specifications)?

Yes. We cover all exam boards. We prepare material for AQA, Edexcel, OCR , WJEC and CIE exactly as per the subject specifications (syllabus). In the same way, we also provide for the younger pupils for Key Stages 1,2 and 3.

2. Are these packs different from the actual material provided in the tuition classes at the centres

The packs in all cases are prepared for the pupils’ needs. The material prepared for different classes may be different depending on specific needs. Naturally all pupils covering the same exam board will be required to cover the same specification but this does not mean their material is the same. The process takes place on a case-by-case basis.

3. Can I buy all packs required for the year 10 and year 11 GCSE Science syllabus (specification) in one go?

This is possible but not necessarily recommended.

Within two months, you will return the pupil’s test(s) to us. We will use the test responses to prepare the next two months worth of material. Thus we recommend purchasing two months at a time. (If we prepare work too far ahead it may not be properly suited to what your child needs.)

4. All packs carry strict copyright and are intended only for the recipient. Hence they are issued in paper hardcopy only.

All packs carry strict copyright and are intended only for the recipient. Hence they are issued in paper hardcopy only.

5. Is any support given when my child answers the packs?

The cost of the publication material does not include any interaction with the pupil. Support, in the form of tuition, is available at our hourly 1-to-1 rate.

6. Am I committed to any long-term payment period?

Not at all. Payment is made in advance of each 2 months period. We prepare the work when your payment is received. There is no commitment beyond the 2 months period.

7. What is the process to order the material and how long will it take? 

The process:

You must first book an assessment online. The pupil will then attend the assessment at one of our locations so that we can assess the suitability of the application.

The assessment will give us an introduction to the pupil’s weaknesses. This allows us to prepare the first set of lessons. 

How long:

It will take 7-10 days to provide a decision. If successful, it will then take up to 10 days to prepare the first set of lessons.