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Ages 5 to 19

t: 0208 577 0088



»All applicants applying to Cherry Hill are required to attend an assessment. No preparation is required.

The assessment takes place to determine various qualities such as aptitude, behaviour and concentration - it does not test knowledge. It further proffers an impression of the child’s ability and allows us to allocate a suitable place should the application prove successful.  

»Our average intake per centre is 39. Our biggest intake period is in September.

Additionally, a few places may be available throughout the year, namely in January and June - these are usually due to the encouragement of early examination sittings which effectively end a pupil’s timetable with us.    

»Those students wishing to study an A Level will require a certain pass in the related GCSE.

»Anyone wishing to apply to Cherry Hill should contact us to determine the next available assessment date. Students will be required to attend one of our centres for a one hour session where the assessment will take place.

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