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Ages 5 to 19

t: 0208 577 0088


How to Apply for Tuition

To apply to study at Cherry Hill, a pupil assessment is required to determine entry.

You can book below. There are two options:

1) ENTRY ASSESSMENT (most common/popular option - £25 per pupil)


2) FEEDBACK & ENTRY ASSESSMENT (£80 per pupil).

A debit/credit card is required for payment.

.* Assessment fee is non-refundable. Please note: the outcome of the Entry Assessment is strictly for our records only. With the Entry Only Assessment, we do not discuss results of the assessment with parents unless relevant to our planning procedures. If you require feedback, please ensure you book the Feedback assessment. Please note critically that due to limited spaces, waiting lists and advanced applications, we will process applications on a case by case basis, determining the needs of the individual. Application to Cherry Hill in no way guarantees entry and any application made will be based on this fact.

If you wish to apply for your Assessment over the phone, please call:

0208 577 0088

Your Data is Protected. We comply with the GDPR to ensure data protection. Members can view our data handling policies on site.